Sikku Kolam - 10

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Hi Friends,Centre Kolam Dots - 7-6-5-4 and it is surrounded by Six different types of 6 Dots kolam...How is it!!!!!!!!!

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 10


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excellent very beautiful, i think you r really an expert in drawing chiku kolams

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hai veniii...saw it live at yr house and enjoying this here also....

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Veni, in one shot you gave us seven runs?All ur chikku kolams are unique and nicely drawn without any chikkal. and amazing to see that in is in ONE ezhai thru out. ( VIJI please note)i

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Veni maam what a novel idea of showing so many kolams combined into one kolam... it looks very pretty and to maintain the symmetry is very difficult, u hv done a wonderful job

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Nice treat, Veni:)

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Thank you sudha,rani,rajamma mam,pushpa and brinda...

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Nicely connected kolam.

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beautiful kolam.

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neat and sweet...

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Quite nice. Two suggestions - You may increase the size of your rangOlis. There are so many free softwares that will do this. Secondly, if you had coloured the central loop with a different colour.

Regards! - mOhana

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Veni another lovely chikku kolam from you - neatly done with much ease I can see. One mistake I found is that the flames on the top section is facing alternate directions whereas the flames in the botton section is facing one direction. if it was in alternate direction then it would have been better I think.. Anyone agrees with me??