Shivaratri rangoli

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About Shivaratri rangoli:

this rangoli we made it on the occasion of MAHA SHIVARATRI .....

Rangoli: Shivaratri rangoli


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லிங்கமும் அதை சுற்றி அழகு பூக்களும், வில்வமும், விளக்குகளும் ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு.

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please somebody translate the comments by mrs.rajamma either english or hindi....thank you....

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very nice kolam.

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nice one doctor d lingam is so original

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Nice kolam but put inside the house without walking over it is good no?

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this rangoli was made inside the house only...and yes no body stepped over it too.....

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cute lingam and the flowers looks very elegant,

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ये शिव लिंग, पास में बिकेरे हुवे फूल , बिल्व ढल ओर द्वीप सब कुछ बड़े अच्छे दिखते है .

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thank you rajamma ji.......

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Bahut Acha lagta hai.. dekhte hi bhakti ras ka pravah ho raha hai..

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Very beautiful Shivalingam and nice flowers and diyas

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lingam flowes has come out very nice...beautiful rangoli kep it up

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looks so divine...the hibiscus have added to the beauty...thanks for sharing

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Done with perfection.. Lingam with shading on the outer looks divine.. No doubt in your talent, Rajamma has given her comment twice for you work in two languages.......

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very nice lingam with beautiful flowers

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The linga, the flowers, the bilvapatra and more than everything divine look - awesome.

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doctor what is ur good name? ur kolam is very divine and very very beautiful .Particularly shiv linga has come out very nicely .Congrats!

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wow very beautiful!-suguna murugesan