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Hi friends , this is dotted + freehand design was drawn by Bharathi,pinky,and my self for shivarathri...before we could finish surprisingly Judy and her daughter walked in to our house...she also joined with us...anitha(judy's daughter) also gave some tips...chikku kolam and down flowers are free hand..dots for this rangoli 15X1 straight dots..thank you Judy and Anitha.

tridaLaM triguNAkAraM trinEtraM ca triyAyudhaM |
trijanma pApasaMhAraM Eka bilvaM SivArpaNaM.

Dotted kolam


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Excellent depiction and an apt display for Maha Sivarathiri. Kudos to the the team members. Looks Divine and gives a feel of having a dharshanam at Kailash. Great work.
Can anyone name the flowers drawn. I could guess Nagalinga, Villvam and Lotus flowers.

Suguna Murugesan's picture

excellent team work! -suguna murugesan

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Excellent work Laks.... this looks so divine, one need not go to temple, they can just visit ur house for the blessings... I feel at peacef just looking at this, seems like i am near the Himalayas looking at Shivalingam... wonderful work by all and hats off to each one ofu

ammuchandhini's picture

Awesome creation lakshmi..looks so apt for d auspicious day...convey my regards to all....

bsindhuja's picture

Great creation from your team! The complete design with all its neatness looks very divine.

nithyaashok's picture

Excellent akka, So divine and thanks for the free trip to Himalayas. My thanks to all the team members.

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waw, Lakshmi, Shiva Dharshanam thru the horns of Nandhi!. Great team work. The sun, moon, shoolam, snake, damaru, the fire , Himalaya parvatha, the vilvam, lotus, nagalinga flowers...... you captured everything on this auspicious day of Mahashivrathri. The apt slokam to praise Shiva.!Thanks for the Shiva dharshanam.

vijaysowmya's picture

Very excellent execution from your team ....Just took us to visit Lord Shiva at Mt Kailash. Thanks for this wonderful darshanam.

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Excellent work Lakshmii!!!!! A big OOOOOOOOOOOOO to you and to your team......

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sooo devoted team work..... excellent one....good to add the shloka in the description
check out this beautiful classic song shiva shiva ennada nalige yeke?

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excellent team work!-suguna murugesan

Radhikha 3's picture

very nice Lakshmi Mam looking divine

smahalakshmi's picture

Lakshmi mam, I don't have temple darshan in my place. On seeing ur kolam, It gives me a feel that I have been into a temple now. Also thanks for giving a short version of the slokas.


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Nice team kolam for Sivarathri! Awaiting more such treats!

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yesterday pradhosham and sivarathiri too.All siva temples were filed with lots of people.But ikolam members were enjoyed the dharshan without crowd.Dharshan through the horns of Nandhi super.Thanks to Bharathi, pinky, jude, Anitha and you.

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

very divine.right now i feel, as if am in one of the shiv temple .ur shiv ling ,thrishul every thing is very beautiful.Good darshan of shivji.Hats off to u Lakshmi

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This was another wonderful experience (wish I could have gone earlier to take part in the entire process). Happy atleast I could pool in here and there. Thanks Laks, Bharathi and Pinky - it was fun indeed creating this superb rangoli. I can see some changes have been made to make the snake and soolam level up - good thinking in changing the position of the damaru. Hats off...

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Awesome .................Excellent............... Wonderful.............

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hi friends ,heart full of thanks for your lovely comments , Vinci guess all flower names.. hehe

jkmrao's picture

Congratulations to the team and the team leader Smile Beautifully done for SivarAtri. Everything concerning Siva is here except ... Find out folks!

Regards! - mOhana

lakshmiraghu's picture

mOhanaji i think we missed one more eye(thrinethram) we made Soorya Shashanka Vahni Nayanam ...
or ganga./ rudhraksha mala...??
(yellow part under siva lingam is tiger skin ...heheh)..waiting for u r thought...

rajamma_2's picture

Maan/ Deer... Shiva holds deer on one and Mazhu/ fire on the other hand. May be Mr. Rao is searching that. Or is it the "ganga"?

jayamohan's picture

Ganga is there on the top!

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Stunning kolam Laks!!!!!!!

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Hi lakshmiiiiii...nice to see ur new profile that too in chudi....i also think it is d rudraaksha which is missing....jkm sir pl tell us ...what is missing...