Sharavana Shukravara rangoli

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About Sharavana Shukravara rangoli:

This is an auspicious month of Shravana and also today being the first friday of the month. I drew this in front of my house. ur lovely suggestions please.

Sharavana Shukravara
Rangoli: Sharavana Shukravara rangoli


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sudha mam wonderful design from u...i liked it a lot...

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Very cute design Sudha - especially the shape of the lotus flowers Smile

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hey sudha wonderful kolam...i like the design...keep it up

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Lovely design, Sudha

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Lovely free hand kolam with nice decorations. Somehow I feel we two have the same patterns for developing free hand kolams , I think.

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Pretty Sudha. By the way, the laddoos and mysorepak inside are for sale? Lotuses r nice.

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Good one Sudha.

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Very pretty. Enjoyed both the kolam and sjnt's (vidhya?) comment.

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Done a neat work. Your detailing work differs from kolam to another..