Sea animals Theme Rangoli

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Hi friends....this is a small rangoli for the theme. Actually started with some design and ended up with this. Hope you all like this. Awaiting your views.

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Rangoli: Sea animals Theme Rangoli


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wow sowmi nice treat pa! beautiful creatures!-suguna murugesan

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hai sowmy wonderfulpa, neat and pleasant colour combo.

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Woow....sowmi..that yellow-green crab attracts me more pa...and yes i was waiting for ur blue spread kolam just like this pa...

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lovely wk sowmi, i love d shape of ur cute fish

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Thank you suguna, Bala, Rani and Uma for your sweet comments...

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Wow, superb imaginory work Sowmya. Is this the one u said that ur son rejected?


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Thanks Maha...yes this is the one my son rejected..

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I love the smiling fish, superb, neat work and lovely

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Sowmy I dont like this kolam at all, what is this, is this the way you do things... che che i didnt like it at all... I LOVED IT!!!! so beautifully and neatly done. Look at the detailing on the star fish and turtle.. They are so good. Yenna pa Sowmy, ur told it is not nice... this is a good one dear, i liked it a lot. Perhaps your son said he didnt like it just to encourage u to do much more beautiful work than this.

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Lovely implementation of seaanimals using powders. I appreciate the minute things you have taken care of. I like the start fish very much and the small pores you have made. By the by how did you do that.

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nice and gud one.

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All are very good sowmya.I like the fish very much.very beautiful kolam.

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very nice gud work

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Thank you my dear friends for your wonderful comments..@ padma..I did that pores using a blunt pencil pa.

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Lovely work!

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you JKM sir.

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Wonderful collection of sea creatures we see here on top of the blue carpet. Every one of them looks beautiful with many details. As Padma mentioned, I too admired the pores on the fish, and the Jelly fish as well.
The delicate stencil shell work seen around the blue carpet is charming and adds a nice touch to the overall collage.

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