santa claus

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Hi Santa! Thanks for the gift, and for spreading some cheer and happiness! I really needed that, especially today since somebody has been pushing me so much! Boo hoo hoo Cray 2

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So here comes another competitor and I gotta be careful Blum 3 Sudha, your santa looks really handsome and seems full of life. I have taken that purple gift from santa already and I can see it is full of love from you - thanks for the wonderful gift Smile

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nicely colored Sudhaavare, belated wishes Smile ....i too have the same Santa in my collections.

lataji, i think this should move to dotted section. dot count 15X20 straight

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Sudha it come out very well..oh!! santa is flying with gifts!!...Pavan/Surya catch!! catch!!

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Sudha maam a very nice one with a cute christmas tree