sanskar bharti rangoli

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This rangoli was made in by me n my friends in my college during Diwali fest.


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Very Beautiful:-) Bhavya

Very Beautiful:-)
Bhavya Ramakrishna

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Very neat drawing. Coloring

Very neat drawing. Coloring is done very effectively. circles made with kumizh and the border using fingertips are very cute.

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Wonderful colour

Wonderful colour combination. Such an excellent SB kolam - the outside border is stunning using the finger effect Smile ery well done Riya and friends Smile

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Excellent with pleasing

Excellent with pleasing colors..-Indira Sundar

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Good colouring and

Good colouring and arresting looks!

Regards! - mOhana

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Very pretty kolam. Bright

Very pretty kolam. Bright colour and done in a very neat manner.

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wow!!excellent.....beautiful colour match..keep itup

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wow nice one. gud one.

wow nice one. gud one.

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beautiful kolam.

beautiful kolam.

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Beautiful S.B. Kolam. nice

Beautiful S.B. Kolam. nice colour combination.

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Wow! The centre design

Wow! The centre design looks as if it's a stencil...amazing.

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colorful S B rangoli. Very

colorful S B rangoli. Very neat drawing. Coloring is done very effectively. circles made with kumizh and the outer white border using fingertips ( we can see so many fingers there) are very cute.

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very nice

very nice rangoli.....wonderful colour choice

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Wonderful SB kolam with

Wonderful SB kolam with pleasing colours.

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Very neat and intricate

Very neat and intricate work.
The whorls on the end take the kolam to a different level. The use of white on colour is very striking and effective.
Kudos to you!!!!!

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Very Pleasing colors and

Very Pleasing colors and neat execution.. The curls and dots are too attractive.. The outer most design technique reminds me of Plate Kolam with Blue and white podi displayed in Bangalore meet.

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riya the usage of white bags

riya the usage of white bags a tonne applauses

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Riya maam u r so talented...

Riya maam u r so talented... this sanskar bharathi kolam looks so good and the kumil effect for the kolam makes it even more extraordinary... wonderful work

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Wow ! What an amazing

Wow ! What an amazing rangoli ! Superb color combination.Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful : )

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S.B.rangoli looks so

S.B.rangoli looks so beautiful with attractive colours..

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superb strokes with lovely

superb strokes with lovely choice of cols riya....beautiful....

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nice sanskarbharti

nice sanskarbharti rangoli....

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Wow!!! Very beautiful

Wow!!! Very beautiful rangoli riya!!! Hats off to u & ur friends!!!! Cery good selection of colours.