Sanskar bharathi kolam 1

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coimbatore - India

look at this rangoli for diwali your valuable and lovely comments please


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Lovely, lovely, lovely

Lovely, lovely, lovely Suidha - it is raining SB Rangolis from you I think Smile

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Pleasing colours and

Pleasing colours and design.

Regards! - mOhana

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Sudha maam this sun-like

Sudha maam this sun-like sanskar bharathi kolam looks very attractive ... the yellow color gives it an elegant look

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wow!!beautiful rangoli

wow!!beautiful rangoli sudha...keep itup...

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wow its really superb...

wow its really superb... good combination of colors and and the background and the rangoli contrast is super... very attractive...

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ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு சுதா. The outer yellow design gives some spl touch to this kolam.

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wow nice one.

wow nice one.

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Beautiful kolam.

Beautiful kolam.

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Nice simple design, but

Nice simple design, but gives grand look with the yellow outer design

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Nice Sudha. simple colour

Nice Sudha.
simple colour and elegant to look.

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Nice sanskar bharathi

Nice sanskar bharathi design. So you are awaiting deepaavali nowitself? Simple coloring and simple strokes but looking very pritty. outer yellow border is super. gives a sooryakiran effect.

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beautiful sanskar bharathy

beautiful sanskar bharathy rangoli sudha it a lamp stencil at d centre ?