sangu kolam

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I want to color the sangu white.The dots count for this kolam are 15to 8 both sides.interlaced dots.

Rangoli: sangu kolam


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Subhasini maam, really nice kolam on photoshop, really tempting to play marbles with those red ones.

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subhashiniji,,wow... bold shankhas,blue and red stars.looks soooo nice...i like the shankhas..

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Subashini, hurry-burry kolam maadiri theriyude? Anganga 'pisir' thatti irukku!

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Texture of shangus look attractive, Guess in the learning process of photoshop...

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nice phtoshop kolam, the white shanku shows the purity

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I love the way you are experimenting with photoshop Subashini.. These pearl white shangus look so nice. The red marbles also look lovely Smile

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Thank you sudha.If you want the marbles , you may take it.

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Thank you lakshmi,

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yes are correct.Avasaraththilum,udanay ungalukkellam kattivida vendum yendra aarvakkolaraalum nerndha thappu adhu.I feel sorry for manniththu vidungalen.

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Thank you vinci and nithya.I feel happy to know you like it.

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"experiment with photo shop" by subashini.Indha thalaipil oru katturai yezhudhinaal lata publish pannuvaangala?umm......experimentula perfection yeppo varum yendrudhaan theriyavillai.could you pl help me jude?

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hai so nice that i am waiting to learn so much from u at our chennai meet

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Subashini, take my comments easy; don't feel sorry for such small things! I've been observing your perseverance and improvement in learnig photoshop all by yourself! Keep it up!

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Recipe paathu thaane panni paartha sweet maadhiri irukku.Shanku pala size le irundhaalum paarkka azhaga irukku,stars and marbles also very cute.

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Subashini maam cute kolam ... the red dots remind me of the jelly sweet... very beautifully done

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Thank you very much Rajam and pushpa.