round -rangoli

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About round -rangoli : PRINT

Its very simple to make.easy to make.very very simple, please try to make rangoli

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: round -rangoli


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Suba! Smile

I like your dotted kolam with lamps and flowers. What program did you use to make this? Thank you for sharing your work here at ikolam. Smile

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I think you have done in MS paint. you have drawn this MS paint kolam very beautifully .

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Neat work Suba - Though the dots in the centre of the flowers are supposed to be pollen grains the kolam looks a bit unfinished to me Smile

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very nice kolam keep it up...easy to learn..

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Beautifully done, good symmetry. Could have put some pattern for the seven dots too.

Regards! - mOhana

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Shakthi maam... a pretty kolam.. as Mohana sir mentioned could have put a design for the dots or maybe enlarged the dots with a colored one to give it a pollen effect