Roja poo kolam

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About Roja poo kolam:

I am uploading one colourful rose kolam.I do not remember the dot counts.If anybody knows please tell me.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Roja poo kolam


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Nice rose kolam Shoba, but I remember publishing this kolam, maybe two years ago or so. Please let me know if I can merge your galleries into one. Or is KB Visalakshi someone else. Please email me or comment here. Smile

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Beautiful rose kolam.

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hai...ur rose kolam is very beautiful...have u coloured using sketch pens,....

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Cute roses. You could have added the inner detailing/shading effect inside the flowers.

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Nice Rose Kolam. The dot count looks like 15-8 interlaced.

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Cute roses.

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Nice design. Inner blue/grey not in order. Outer rose petals if differentiated will look better.

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Hai Lata,Kalpathy Visalakshi and K.B.Visalakshi are same that is me.You please merge my galleries into one,

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Nice kolam, ya i too agree with Rajamma maam regarding the central design

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Good roses, well coloured. But symmetry with colours is off at the centre.

Regards! - mOhana

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nice. this is 15 - 8 dots count.

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Nice kolam Shoba. Maybe you could have put the dots in black on top of the kolam once you finished colouring to make it easy for those learning how to make big kolams Smile

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nice flowers