"Real" hRidayakamalam

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Left top - A textbook picture of a human heart
Left middle - Around that a red outline is drawn to get the heart shape
Left bottom - Even though people use dots to create the hridayakamalam, it is only approximate. What one does is - take the outline, successively rotate by 135 degrees and join. When eight of these are joined we come back to the starting motif (135 deg x = 8 = 1080 deg = 360 deg x 3). This is the mathematics behind such patterns.

Right - A hridayakamalam created in such a way with a lamp at the centre is shown.

Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: "Real" hRidayakamalam


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Wow....new way to draw hridhayakamalam ...those double strokes r so pretty jkm sir...:)

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wow amazing Smile

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Wow, first time I'm seeinga hridaya kamalam design done without dots. Excellent, JKM sir.

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lovely explanation sir., nice creativity... thanks for your sharing...

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nice creative idea sir

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Very innovative and looks very beautiful with the lamp.

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Smile Wow JKM sir only you can think like this and such an interesting way of putting hridyakamalam... though I am very very weak in Math Sad