+ rangoli3

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One more variety of `+' rangoli, adding some more of these types. Comments please

Rangoli: + rangoli3


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Beautiful kolam.

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Reminds me of a ribbon dance. Delicate and very nice.

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lovely pattern rajitha....appadiye padi kolam madiri convert pannalam pola irukku...

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Rajitha maam cute design

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very nice. looks like 3d effect.

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Simple & lovely colours.

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Very beautifully created. I like it very much. My only suggestion - replace the central star that can preserve the overall four-fold symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

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beautiful design, yes i too agree with mOhanaji, make it 4or8petalled flower/star in center.

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Thanks all of you. Mohanj, anirudhjj, thanks for your suggestions, I will take care of this

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Very good work Rajitha - colours selected are also lovely Smile

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very nice...beautiful colour match,,,

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lovely ribbon kolam with nice colors.

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A 'plus' is your grade!