+ rangoli2

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About + rangoli2 : PRINT

Here I am uploading one more `+' rangoli, which is continuation of the previous one. Some more please from all of you....

Rangoli: + rangoli2


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very nice one rajitha...hop to see -.*,# kolams soon (just kidding)...

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Thanks ammu, nice idea to use *, #...for rangolis too . This rangoli is very nice if we draw on the floor using double stroke and + symbol. I think this type of rangoli is drawn only in Karnataka and AndhraPradesh. Please try to get rangoli's using *, #....

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You are on the plus side, ma'am! Good work.

Regards! - mOhana

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rajitha ur snakes kolam looks beautiful....hehe

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beautiful snake kolam.

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Good try!

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Sreegiri and lakshmiji, this is not snake kolam. Actually, instead of dots, I used + symbol and joined the lines using double stroke. Since it is done in photoshop, I have used the shading and it is looking like snake. I will upload same picture without colours (as per Mohanji suggestions) in the coming days.

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Nice work Rajitha - this looks very nice Smile

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cool, more pluses got added, good one. Yes, plus designs are more commonly seen in Karnataka that too with double double(4 lines) strokes (especially around the area where Rajitha stays :), kidding)