rangoli without dots

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hai to all after seeing Latha's celtic knot rangoli I dug into more designs and this kolam was put on friday yr views pl


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Hey Rani when I stare at the

Hey Rani when I stare at the design the entire pattern starts dancing in front of my eyes - excellent pattern, very well done Smile

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ammu maam, great creation .

ammu maam, great creation . I liked the inner design very much.

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thanks a lot brinda mam and

thanks a lot brinda mam and madhu mam (of course brinda mam u can call me by my name actually while practising i drew an outer border after the celtic design then the outer petals came out evenly whereas i forgot that part on the floor that is why it looks so uneven happy that u found out about the mistake thanks again

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Lovely kolam,nice spiral

Lovely kolam,nice spiral kavi kolam.

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Nice spiral design Rani.

Nice spiral design Rani. (hope i can call you like that). The kavi is really bright and enhances the beauty. If you have concentrated more on the size of the outer petals, would have been more beautiful.

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thank u jaya mam vinci and

thank u jaya mam vinci and lakshmi for ur comments vinci the centre design is just 5-3 dotted one just as we put the hexagonal star try it and let me know if u could do

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maam just wondering how you

maam just wondering how you drew the centre design. Lovely kolam.. And the kaavi has enhanced the kolam..

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Rani..bright and

Rani..bright and beautiful...keep it up....

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What Rani, you are doing a

What Rani, you are doing a lot of research on 'celtic designs'! Very nice output!

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thank u sjnt mam usha mam

thank u sjnt mam usha mam sreegiri sir sumathy mam rajusree mam and latha of course latha i have collected a lot of celtic designs and watched the designs as u mention i am trying some designs will upload it later

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The centre design has come

The centre design has come out very well. Very good job.

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Beautifully made rangoli

Beautifully made rangoli Rani! I'm glad you thought of the Celtic design, but, I must tell you that in the celtic patterns, the loops are linked (strokes going under and over like snake designs). I hope you could make one like that whenever you get free time, and the mood. Smile

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Bright bold design beautiful

Bright bold design beautiful work

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nice design and attractive

nice design and attractive colors.

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very attractive rani. kaavi

very attractive rani. kaavi simply colour superb.

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Beautiful. Thick red kaavi

Beautiful. Thick red kaavi adds to the beauty.

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thank u rajammaji nice to

thank u rajammaji nice to hear from a legend with regards

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thank u indra mam anirudh

thank u indra mam anirudh sir jkm sir for ur views thanks again

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Ammu, this centre design

Ammu, this centre design has come out excellent. The ezhai u draw are thick like maakkolam. Kaavi is super.

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Good effort and pleasing

Good effort and pleasing result!

Regards! - mOhana

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ammuji, everyday we are

ammuji, everyday we are getting to see newer newer versions, very nice thanks for sharing.

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excellent maam, -Indira

excellent maam, -Indira

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thank u meena mam (new

thank u meena mam (new member ah) for yr views

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Beautiful..........no words

Beautiful..........no words to express............excellent.

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hai dibbutn mam thanks for

hai dibbutn mam thanks for ur appreciation actually i am from chennai but we get this kaavi from tiruvannamalai they sell it in packets one adv is that after using that kaavi it doesn't stick to d ground but if i buy here at chrompet it forms a dark patch even after washing off d next day i am also worried because i just bought 2 packs it is going to finish thank u nithya mam also

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This kolam is very

This kolam is very attractive with the dark barroon kavi and very nice

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Ammu maam what a beauty this

Ammu maam what a beauty this is... I cant seem to take my eyes of it... The symmetry is well maintained and the deep maroon kaavi adds to the beauty... I love the color of your kaavi... r u from Bangalore... I dont seem to find this sort of color in Bangalore... anyone know where u get this sort of color?