rangoli with pulses

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I did this for the multicultural night at my daughter's school. As always, used rajma beans, moong dal, masoor dal, green moongm barley and some chori dal(the small red ones). Hope you all like it!!


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very neatly done.

very neatly done.

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Wow such neatness.. this can

Wow such neatness.. this can double as a wall hanging

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neatly arranged pulses kolam

neatly arranged pulses kolam is really looking lovely, even the design is also very nice.

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thank you all for your

thank you all for your wonderful comments!!

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Very neatly arranged pulse

Very neatly arranged pulse kolam. Lata, great people think alike:) Judy u are becoming naughtier now-a-days. hehe.

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wonderful work. looks

wonderful work. looks healthy Smile

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jokes apart, very very

jokes apart, very very beautiful work Smile

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Wow, I just love this one.

Wow, I just love this one. It is too good, shapewise, colourwise, texturewise and otherwise Tongue

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very neatly done.good color

very neatly done.good color combination

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a nice healthy/ rich kolam

a nice healthy/ rich kolam design with pulses!

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Simple design, nicely done

Simple design, nicely done with pulses.

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neat and good design.

neat and good design.

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good work.

good work.

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Wow! It looks so beautiful

Wow! It looks so beautiful and perfect. Look at those kidneys marching on straight lines. Nice color usage, and good shapes too. Coincidentally, I used the same concept of making a rangoli using pulses in one of my daughter's multicultural events in their school, a long time ago.