rangoli with dots

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About rangoli with dots:

hai this kolam has 9-9 straight dots yr views pl

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: rangoli with dots


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good one...i think pushpaji would have already started to make this using maavu.

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nice kolam.

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thank u anirudh sir and sreegiri sir pushpa mam ready to see d wet rice kolam anirudh sir is waiting pl upload soon with regards

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Ammu maam surely will try it some time especially for you and Anirudh but I dont know if I will do justice to your kolam yet I will try... this one looks really good with the pretty additions on all 4 sides...

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Ammu, nijamaana chikkallaana chikku kolam. I think u drew this with the note book in the side.Easily we may go wrong if u start it with out the book nearby. Since the concentration was in drawing the kolam correctly, your lines are not equal. But it is really a good effert.

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chikku kolam with an nice design super

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it has come out very nice..looks crispy...

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I liked the outer designs which added the more weightage to the kolam. Good one.

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stylish sikku kolam

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thanks to all for ur lovely comments by d way no rajammaji i didn't have my kolam note by my side but as u know i am a jujube in drawing sikku kolams before a legend like u that is why so crooked lines next time may be i'll try a little harder to be perfect with regards

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When I first saw this, I was fascinated by the pseudo five-fold star-like patterns at the corners. This is the one that impressed me most in this nice work.

Regards! - mOhana

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I like it too Rani. I might get interested in making it one of these days. Medium is undecided though. Smile

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nice work-yamuna

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thank u jkm sir latha and yamuna for ur lovely comments thanks again

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drawn very neatly. The chikku kolam looks very nice

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Hey Rani you are proving to be an expert in chikku kolams too - good work Smile

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Oha, Nice sikku kolam

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thank u sudha mam, judy and viji mam....