Rangoli using pulses (contest entry_46)

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About Rangoli using pulses (contest entry_46):

Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008

Rangoli: Rangoli using pulses (contest entry_46)


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beautiful.. good art

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best imagination

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Nice one

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very very nice

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good work

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good art

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very innovative!

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wow, very nice, pulses used in a beautiful way Smile

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Spectacular! The person who made this one has great patience!

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looks like a showpiece

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good art

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I have seen lentils used in Rangoli but none so elaborate and perfect. Hats off to you!

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Hi Jaya Mohan,

You've actually made sure all your chana daal and moong dal are facing down!! Not even a single dal is facing up Smile If you would've done this on a glass or a smooth-surfaced canvas, you could be able to save this forever (perhaps frame it... The rugged wood-canvas does give this a unique look.

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It is really really amazing to see this. i am kavitha narens neighbor. You are really really talented. nice to know you.

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Vani, Kavitha has been telling a lot about you and your 'kai vannam' in art as well as cooking! Thanks for your compliments! I look forward for your postings to this site!

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Oh my gosh!! I was not active in ikolam at that time to enjoy this wonderful creation (and I feel ashamed of myself for not going through your gallery Jaya - likewise many of my other friends - sorry about that - I must do so and comment on their earlier uploads too). Jaya with so much of talent, what is stopping you from creating more wonders. I am sure you will have lots of time on your hands now that you are back in India and I look forward to seeing more such wonders from you soon Smile

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This is truly a masterpiece!! Beautiful jayaji! Wish I had so much patience!

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This is truly a masterpiece!! Beautiful jayaji! Wish I had so much patience!

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Wow Jaya maam I am seeing this now only and was spellbound at the work. I bet it would hv taken a lot of time to finish this as I feel u hv placed them one by one... awesome!!!!

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Thank you Judy and Pushpa! I think it took about 2 hours to complete. I would have done it with more care if ikolam was existing that time! Judy, you inspire me to do something novel for Navarathri!

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Unimaginable exhibit of pulses placed in perfection for a wonderful art.. Sisters are gifted with a unique imagination power and perfect execution skills. Hats off to you Maam..

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Amazingly done!