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Hai to all...HAPPY UGADI TO ALL OF U......happy to share this 21x11 dotted kolam(intermediate dots) done for d spl day....ur views pl.....


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Thank u maha and rekha

Thank u maha and rekha mam....

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how i missed this pretty

how i missed this pretty colourful kolam?Happy ugadi ammu.

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Very pretty and lovely kolam

Very pretty and lovely kolam Rani mam.


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Thank u deepa mam...it is u

Thank u deepa mam...it is u na who has been uploading our bharathy amma's kolams...i knew this from indu mam comments...thanks a lot mam for ur comment....my name is rani and ammu/ chandhini is my daughter's name....

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lovely kolam and beautiful

lovely kolam and beautiful colors. neatly drawn. Mam, i was thinkind ur name is ammuchandini. who is this ammu?my MIL is a big admirer of your kolams.

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Thanks a lot rajamma mam,

Thanks a lot rajamma mam, suguna, vinci(no pa...she is busy with her sem exams..eventhough durga was here she was getting ready to leave...so did all by myself), sowmya, veni, sindhuja, priya, julien, kameswari mam ...thanks again...

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Beautiful and colourful

Beautiful and colourful rangoli Rani Mam. Thank you for your wishes.

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Thanks for your wishes..

Thanks for your wishes.. asusual your biggest kolam.... super mam.

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wow what a colourful

wow what a colourful rangoli. very gud and nice one.

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Thank you for the wishes....

Thank you for the wishes.... Happy Ugadi to you.
The kolam is lovely with bright and beautiful colouring.

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Lovely rangoli,rani

Lovely rangoli,rani

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Excellent design and

Excellent design and coloring...so neatly done...Happy Ugadhi.

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WoW!! Beautiful kolam Rani.

WoW!! Beautiful kolam Rani. The colours look nice and I love those pretty flowers on the outer. Did Ammu help you in coloring? 21-11 Smile

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lovely colourful ugadi kolam

lovely colourful ugadi kolam happy ugadi!-suguna murugesan

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Super kolam and super

Super kolam and super coloring.