Rangoli for Karthigai

Meenkshi.km's picture

This kolam is specially for lighting festival, its finger work art.

Rangoli: Rangoli for Karthigai


jkmrao's picture

Very beautiful to look at and admire! The colour combination too is quite apt.
I guess the diameter is about 12 feet. It must have taken a good deal of time and
effort. Fine job!

Regards! - mOhana

indira sundar's picture

Bright colors with lights gives more beauty to the kolam.
Finger works also very nice

gowri_ana's picture

Wonderful rangoli, Lovely color combination and highlighted by karthigai deepam... what is this podi made up of ? Salt ??

sasithen's picture

simple concept filled with enchanting colors but all credit goes to fingers which highlighted it as a colorful art.