Rangoli (contest entry)

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This Rangoli has an interesting story. I came up with a story to get the overall feel right for the image. The story goes this way:

There is this girl from the land of angels who, unfortunately, fell in love with a monster. The monster and the angel decided to elope as there was NO WAY that they could be united, given the differences between their people. On the fateful night, however, the angel land people got to know and killed the monster. The angel girl was unaware of this and she kept waiting for the monster to turn up. She was heart-broken when she waited and waited and he never came. A long time after this, once when she's out for a bath, she comes across this skull with a sword stuck right through it. She somehow KNOWS it in her heart that this IS the monster she loved. She feels no hatred or disgust towards the skull (something she'd have felt otherwise). Instead, she's just telling herself that probably, this IS him and is JUST going on looking at the skull...

Rangoli: Rangoli (contest entry)