We used to put big rangoli on every occation in our house. Few I am uploaing in ikolam
Hema balachandran

Rangoli: Rangoli


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Biiiiig and beautiful kolam....thanks for sharing...

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hai hema, ur kolam looks pretty with casual strokes

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It's Magnificient in size. Very beautiful.


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Wow such an awesome cute kolam with cuter birds in nest

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very beautiful one. gud one. adipoli

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Beautiful rangoli. The inner designs outer twin birds and the border all are drawn very neatly and colored well. I am imagining how fantastic it will be if you have paid little attention to coloring symmetry.

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Wow! such a big rangoli. Beautiful Hemaji. Dot count please.

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Beautiful and Big Rangoli. Good work.

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Nice big rangoli.

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really a very big rangoli...the birds are looking so good...lovely..

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Beautiful and colourful kolam. The little haert shape design and the birds are very cute. But I feel the intrecacy designs are little crowded.

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With regards,

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very nice hema mam, superb... with excellent colours.
With regards,

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big and bright and beautiful rangoli. lovely colrs. are those snail on the second line form inside? very cute.

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Very beautiful and certainly painstaking. I like the attention to details. Perhaps you could have chosen the colours to preserve the symmetry properly.

Regards! - mOhana

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This is your first post to ikolam, right? Looks very neat and professional! Waiting to see more!

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colorful and beautiful kolam .

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wow!!Big and beautiful.colour full rangoli...

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Neatly done Nice one!

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vry nice Hema mam

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Nice kolam Hema - very neatly done. The birds and flowers look so lovely. Why not try taking a picture from the first floor of your house - we will get a better view of your kolams Smile

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wow very beautiful, may i know how many dots for this kolam