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This is the picture of a Rangoli that I made more than 30 years ago. I found the picture in my collection of old photos and thought I could share this with you. In those days, I could not find the coloured kolam podi in market. It was an event at a school where experts did many rangolis, but would not tell from where to get the coloured powders. So after the show was over, I went early morning to the school and before the cleaning was done, picked up different colours separately and did this rangoli, it was the first one I did and was so overwhelmed with joy. Even today, when I got this picture, I remember those moments. It is years since I have done any rangoli now.

Rangoli: Rangoli


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A heartwarming story and an amazing rangoli! The first night I came across this story, I had trouble shutting my brain out for a really long time. Smile

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lovely creation ....though made 30 yrs ago...this looks so fresh...

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After seeing this in the afternoon, I was very much moved and felt like writing an essay, really! What a really fine and beautiful piece of art! Wonderful and creative. Thanks for the memories. In olden days, people used to keep lots of secrets and never used to share them, like the availability of the coloured powder mentioned by the above artist. I think the present generation is quite generous in sharing knowledge. Not only in rangOlis, but in several other branches of knowledge, poetry for example.

Regards! - mOhana

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This is an excellent piece of work n the story moved me so much. After reading this i was just thinking of this only. Thanks for sharing ur excellent pieceof artwork with us.

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Amazing rangoli, it looks like a painting, and looks quite natural drawing, thank you for sharing your master piece,

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wonderful rangoli. it looks like a real murugan photo.

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Very innocent face of Murugan like a child's. Thank you for sharing your very personal experience.

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The story and the rangoli are straight from the heart ... hence so beautiful!

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Before reading your description - I though this was a picture from a calendar or something like that. I am so glad you were able to find this photo after 30 years and share it with us along with your experience on how you created it (inspite of having to discover for the first time that you were a wonderful artist). Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful creation with us Smile

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vel muruga haro hara. gud one

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Touched by your art and patience in collecting each color separately .. Could see the fine detailing of necklace, vel, garland... the whole rangoli.... Amazing work... And your first rangoli turned to best. Thanks for sharing....

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Very nice rangoli. kandhanin karunai muham mihavum azhagu

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Great work in that young age with amazing interest to collect the colour kolapodi and make such a beautiful art. It is looking like a print. Wish to see more from you:)

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jollikum nagaiyil kandhan azhago azhaghu.kandan pinnal oli vattam miga arumai.

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Lovely creation and must to preserve.
Really a very happy movement to remember.
Thanks for sharing

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lovely creation face has come out very nice

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Ve ry touching experience and the picture. .உங்களுக்கே முதல் பரிசு கிடைத்துவிடக்கூடும் என்பதனால்தான் ரங்கோலி கலர் எங்கிருந்து கிடைத்தது என்று சொல்லாமல் இருந்தார்களோ ?

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Wow the picture is mesmerising and to think how you had done this makes me feel proud of u... such is the dedication for the art that knows no bounds or extremes to get the desired effect... Lovely maam hats off to you and your dedication to the art

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very very beautifully done, good artist, your dedication to work is notice... good keep it up

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Nice to read the anecdote! It is the enthusiasm to draw a rangoli that has driven you to such an extent! Seeing the photo after a long time and sharing good old memories with us would have made you feel young, I guess!

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nice work.

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Before opening this image I thought its a painting. But after reading the heart touching truth, I was stunned for a moment. hats off to your effort in collecting the powder and effort taken to reach your aim/goal. I felt bad reading that you have stopped your art since yaers. We missed lot many master pieces like this one. Hope you are happy by sharing this with us. Lot many thanks for sharing.

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wonderful, seeing the thumbnail, i was thinking it could be a painting, great work, touched by the story behind it...thanks a lot for sharing

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hats off to your effort. you are really born with talent. pl. continue the same. may god bless you.

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It is gorgeous!!! The details are so intricate...
I dont know how to make the coloured rice powder...someone please share?

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So you are an EKALAIVAN? Y'day morning I just opened the site before going to the eye hospital for chekup. I just clicked this Murugan oviyam and got stunned by the Beauty. The blurring I thought it is due to my eye problem. Today only I could read the story behind it. very touching.But since you are capable of doing such wonderful work and got lots of ikolam members to admire and give all types of tips share ideas, what is preventing you to continue your lovely creations.? Murugan Thunaiyudan continue drawing. All the best.

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Touching....both the kolam and the incident behind it. Your effort of yesteryears has given joy not only to yourself, but to all of us too. Please continue to share what you already have, and create more such masterpieces.

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Thanks one and all for sharing my joy and giving real sweet comments. There is a saying that "joy multiplies when shared" and that is what I am experiencing today. I have tears of joy in my eyes right now reading every message in here. My joy has multiplied many fold and thanks to all for seeing the rangoli and enjoying seeing it.


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It s very pretty and beautiful. With that collected powder you've done an exellant work.That really shows ur interest. wow.