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About rangoli:

this is a free hand drawing drawn for marghazhi...pls post ur comments

Rangoli: rangoli


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Superb colour combination. Very well executed, Sivapriya

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Bright and bold rangoli, very nice work.

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perfect colour combination and neat finishing.good.what ever beautiful kolam we put it 'll be high lighted only when we apply good colour combination. ur rangoli is of that kind.

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Nice! You have used bright and contrast colors.

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Lovely colours used Sivapriya Smile

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pretty colors, nice contrast color border for the leaves too

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Lovely rangoli..mango design and leaves come out very nice.keep it up

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beautiful rangoli color combination very very beautiful

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Sivapriya maam cute rangoli with lovely bright colors

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Nice design,bright color combination especially the leaf,looks like a saree print

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superbly drawn kolam with a good selection of colours.

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bright and glaring colors. nice mangoes and greeny leaves.

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very nicely colored rangoli.

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thnks to everyone for the comments...in my house noone enjoys this except myself...i ll draw the kolam and i ll enjoy it by seeing it the whole day. now i am so happy to hear these comments from you all.

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Sivapriya, one small request. Instead of just thanking others for their comments,why not start commenting on others creations also. we too can enjoy ur comments and feel happy no?( This request is to all the new members who are refraining from commenting, but feel happy to receive comments)

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That's good advice. Unfortunately, even some of our long time members (members who have been with us for 3 yrs and beyond) seem to be happy in receiving comments, and only comment for one person or so when they do comment. I think ikolam should've taken a different approach from the beginning. Well, it is never too late to adopt different strategies. Smile