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The first in a series of kolams I'll be uploading today

Rangoli: Rangoli


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Amazing work!
It is almost perfect, except for one little extra curl within a circle (on the southern side), on the blue background.

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Marvellous design indu, Judy likes this type of sanskar bharathi rangoli It is really a feast to the eyes. thanks indu

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very nice

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So sweet of you to remember Sudha - I am touched Smile Yes I just love this type very much - god only knows when I will be able to create one like this. I did one on the computer (to quench my thirst) am uploading it today - you will soon see it Smile Indu this looks almost like to scale , so close to perfect, excellent Smile

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Indu how much time did it take to finish this kolam? 1 to 1.30 hrs if i am not wrong? U have done it b'fully.. hats off! what a perfection.. Marvellous rangoli..

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fantastic!!! well maintained symmetry.

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wow!!amazing!!excellent work!!keep it up.

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Beautiful S> B rangoli. looks like a moving colorful wheel.

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looks like the diwali ground apinning wheel, thanks for sharing

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So perfectly drawn circles. Good job.

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thank u everybody.it took 2hours.it was done by me for my cousin sister engagement