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About Rangoli:

Rangoli made by Kamini and her colleagues in her office.

Rangoli: Rangoli


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Welcome to ikolam Kamini! It was a pleasure to meet you the other day, and thank you for coming! Smile

This beautiful rangoli reminds me of:

And the center design reminds me one of Rajammaji's rangoli.
Very beautiful!

Sorry Jayaji, I couldn't wait for you...
You gave me a candy in my hands, how long do you think I could hold on to it? Smile

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Very nicely done, Kamini Ma'am.... wonderful colour combination and display....the design reminds me of the Drums roll season.....

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wow, superb, nice colors and good symmetry....thanks for sharing

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wow, superb, nice colors and good symmetry....thanks for sharing

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Wow!! nice colour match and 3D effect also very good

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Waah! looks like a jigsaw puzzle arrangement

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Kamini, Hearty welcome.Excellent colorful rangoli with a 3_D effect.Nice to see you and Jaya have the same imagination!

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Aaha, Lata, you have taken me into surprise!
Even Kamini would not have seen this!
Thanks for making my job easier!

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Kamini this looks like a sticker to me - so absolutely perfect. A warm welcome and hope to see more of your lovely creations..

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the green and yellow combination gives an 3d effect. very creative good. keep it up mam

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Let me now introduce Kamini to all ikolam members!
She is my second son's fiancee and we have fixed their marriage for 22nd January 2010 at Chennai. Kamini was my 'rep' who attended Aarushi's music concert. She was so impressed by Lataji and our group that she became a member immediately! I dream for the d-day with all ikolam members decorating the dias with their kai-vannam and bless the couple!Yes, we have time to plan it, right?
Lata, today only we introduced Kamini to our family members(except Rajamma)! Hence the delay! Thank you for holding the candle!

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Kamani .... congrats all the best
Jayaji... let us wish all the best to your son as well to you, let us pray the function goes well... our prayers are with you...

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Wow - this is really touching!! Kamini a warm welcome to our family (not only Jaya's) and all the very best. Jaya I can imagine your excitement - all of us looking forward to help too...

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Hearty congratulation to jayaji.A warm welcome to kamini .Don't forget to tell our congratulation to your son also jaya mam.

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Jayaji &Kamini ,congratulations.waiting for the big day........
Kamini warm welcome to ikolam.

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C O N G rates Jaya.
Wounderful kolam, wounderful dil.
See we intracting Kamini well than you by this IKOLAM.
Kamini dear, heartiest welcome to this wounderful site.
Go through this site and have a look of your both MILs kaivannam.
You proved that you are also well in kolam.
hats off to you.
We are expecting more and more from you.