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Hi Everyone...The rangoli which I made today (15th May, 2009)

Rangoli: Rangoli


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It looks like a Temple art, Brindha Ma'am..... great colouring work....

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Brinda, this rangoli tells us that you are still in Chennai! Good work indeed!

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Brinda,you have a great coloring sense.the art is also beautiful.

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Sinnathaa irundaalum sirappaa irukku.

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Brindha chellam - you kaivannamey thani.... baley - when r u leaving for Calcutta - please let us know so we can meet atleast once more before you go na??

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please read as 'un kaivannamey thani'

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Hi friends, I had been to Kolkata for a month and now back at chennai for a couple of months before finally moving out. I had been quite busy to log into Ikolam all these days. Thanks for the appreciation. I had been constantly on the move. I will be back to my routine in a couple of days.
Judy it would be great to meet you and all other friends again. Let us keep in touch.

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Moving to Kolkata sounds exciting Brindha! Once you settle down, we'll look forward to your Alpana designs (instead of Kolam).
What do you say? Smile

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You are right Lata. I am always a student. I look forward to making Alpana as it will be Pooja time when I go there and I have plenty of friends at Kolkata. Till then it will be kolams only Smile

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Brindha do inform us when you eventually plan to leave Chennai so we can decide when to meet again..