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The rangoli is coloured with paint.

I hope all members would like my rangoli.

Rangoli: Rangoli


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Beautiful rangoli made up of arches.
It has been a while, nice of you to remember ikolam Smile

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Prabha, I like your rangoli painting.Expecting more from you. Like you, we also want to know your comments about others contribution. can we expect your valid comments?

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That's great advice madam. Some members had informed me that they tend to get upset when they check back in the site, only to find that there are no comments for their submissions for a few days in a row. What they didn't realize was the fact that they themselves didn't bother to spend any time to leave any comments for any one else's rangoli, other than their own friends' works. I believe this is something we might need to ponder about; are we commenting only to our friends'/relatives rangolis? I am so glad I no longer get emails about why I did not write comments for somebody's submissions (had gone on many of those kind of guilt-trips). Smile

Here is something more hilarious (at least from one perspective, although the server doesn't seem to like it!). We have a few active users who had created multiple accounts, just to post positive comments for their own rangolis! :O
The secondary avatars would also pop up when the same members get uncomfortable asking me questions that they might not consider asking me as "themselves". I'm sure you're having a good laugh, Rajamma ma'am! Smile

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are you serious lata mam ... i am really laughing...
I too have a second id and i created it when i was locked out of the ikolam for 3 weeks Smile .... That id again i will use after i get married...

This is really an attractive kolam...

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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You are shrewd Latha!

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You got me laughing too Lata - so silly... But here again commenting on everyone's kolams there is a plus and a minus involved - when there are nice comments everyone likes it but when you point out mistakes I dont think some like it at all.. right or wrong??

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Very good rangOli, prabhAvatIjI. Layer upon layer makes it look very pleasant. One little question - is the paint washable or permanent?

The creators of a rangOli or writers of poems and articles are after all human. They spent long hours to give shape to their inspirations. Why? To satisfy their urge and to be praised with a good word or two. That is human nature. By latAjI's count, there are more than 25,000 members on ikOlam. All these members are potentially entertained and inspired by the rangOlis. So why not a kind word for the creators from one and all? Actually, on another forum, once I was asked to comment (of course nicely) by the editor about an article as the writer was worried that there were no comments.

My golden rules about commenting - (1) It is always not necessary to comment. No comment too is a good comment. (2) Forget about the creator of the pattern and her (his) reputation based on the past. Remember you're commenting only on the present rangOli, the past has no relevance to this. (3) Always talk nicely about it first. Make it clear why you like it and what details stand out in the rangOli. Just saying nice and fine are not enough, in my opinion. You're commenting because you like it and it could be made better, is it not? (4) When you're giving suggestions for its improvement, make it clear that these are only your opinions. (5) Begin and end your comments with proper salutations even if the person is your close friend or relative because the whole world reads it and so proper respect must be shown. Age has no place here. Even if the person is younger than you and is a beginner in comparison to you, display of proper decorum, in my opinion, is essential.

Regards! - mOhana

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Yes, Lata, I am enjoying this topic and having a good laugh.
Prabha wants to know whether all the members like her creation.Yes prabha we all like it.But why don't you express ur comments about others creations?
mOhanaji,it is true that all of us want to satisfy the urge to create and expect a few words of praise. very few understand this. your golden rules for commenting is well taken.
To make it interesting sometime we indulge in chating other than the rangolis.But I feel it will get monotonous if we restrict our comments only to the particular rangoli.
Others are welcome to share their views please!

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Thanks rAjamAjI and sorry prabhAvatIjI for using this your rangOli to reply. Why not latAjI establish another separate area for chatting where one can make general observations that is not particular to one particular rangOli. People can participate here to chat and also read the general comments to know what is on the minds of members. Personally I feel it disappoints the person who drew a rangOli to find other unrelated comments in that area.

Regards! - mOhana

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very bright colour combination. nice