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About Rangoli:

I had this snap. Looking by the center design, I think it was done by Rajamma. Adjusted the colour and contrast in the computer as it was a bit old snap. It looks very beautiful and colourful. Kaivannam yaaroda?

Rangoli: Rangoli


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Well defined pattern, brightly colored, and a different kind of a border Smile

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Oh... good idea..nice rangoli.

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Beautiful kolam and the colors used Jayanthyji.

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yes Jayanthi this rangoli was my design and it was put for Ganesha festival in State bank of India , Bangalore city Branch by me and colored by all my kolam loving friends there. Original poto I'll upload soon.

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Purni, Jayanthy madam uploaded this rangoli since the photo was with her..And the centre design u liked and presented it in ur own way.I am happy that atleast now it came to the notice of so many.

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I wonder what the dot count for the center kolam is? I would like to teach Surya and Diya. Smile

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Lata, the dot count is 5 dots 5 lines straight dots. Then 5 dots on all 4 sides then 3 dots on alternate position. seeing the design u can ubderstand.This is my own fav design and keeping it as centre design I have put so many big kolams.

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Jayanthi, I'm sure you are getting ready to enter 'photoshop' soon!

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very neat +cute & beautiful jntji....

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Lataji, the dot count could also be put as 5-9-7-9-7-9-5(straight dots) and 3dots alternatively on the top and bottom row of the 5dots.... this is the way i got it.... hope Rajamma Ma'am wont mind.....

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Thank you madam and Purni, I intend to try it both ways. Cool design ladies! Smile