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About Rangoli : PRINT

Its a cross stitch designed kolam. For this kolam, we need a cross stitch design.

cross stitch
Rangoli: Rangoli


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Beautiful bride and a handsome groom!
Welcome to ikolam! Thank you so much for sharing your masterpiece with all of us! Smile

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Meenakshi madam, wonderful jodi. The filling gives a real stich effect. how did you do that. I also tried using the backside of a tile for embroidary kolam. It took longer time ti fill . Please share more about filling techniq.

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Good one.. have same question of what Rajammaji asked pl share. Any way its is stencil cut ??

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Looks like a mat! Meenakshi madam, please share the secret!

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unbelievable effect Meenakshi... share the techniques with us please... we are all eager to know...

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Vani, what is the English word for Kumil?

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sry no idea...

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this is in chart vani madam..........

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Waah what an effect? how did you create it? Very unique rangoli which I have come across.

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thank u sumathi madam.... its a simple work.... for this we can use a cross stitch designs only... first we put a blocks in chat or floor and then mark the designs in there and we can easily make this....

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hey meena bride&bridegroom super

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thanku for ur comments rnr

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Kumil = knob

Super effect Meenakshi. WIll u share the secret?

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hi,meena.plz write procedure for this.