Ramanavami greeting card 03-04-2009

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On the ocassion of Ramanavami this is drawn by Bharathi and me with help of my teacher. In this card we used the things which helped Rama during his exile at the same time to search Sita also. They are: 1) boat (boat man GUHA) 2)jatayu and sampathi (birds) 3)monkeys(hanuman) 4)squirrel, and next we have taken rama's bow and arrow "KODANDAM". Ramanavami prasadam is also taken with thulasi and flowers were decorated.

Ramanavami falls on 03-APRIL-2009 this time.


Rangoli: Ramanavami greeting card 03-04-2009


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Hope I'm not too late in uploading it Lakshmi (just got back).
Thank you Lakshmi, Bharathi and Pavan for this wonderful greeting!

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Lata not at all.. it was in time. thank you so much

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WOW!!excellent Lakshmi,Bharathi&Pavan.'Happy Ramanavami' to all.

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Thank u Asha

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Wow nice one Bharathi,Lakshmi&pavan,happy Ramanavami to all

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Radha thanks a lot

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THank you Lakshmi, Bharathi and Pavan for the greetings. Andha anilai paarungal, evvalavu bavyamaga vanangugiradhu. adhepol naamum kadavulai vananguvom.

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Brindha thank u so much

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its so beautiful lakshmi mam.happy sri rama navami to all ikolam members.

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ualekaya many many thanks

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such an expressive greeting Lakshmi, Bharathi and Pavan...