Rainy day Rangoli

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It was raining heavily...no power...nothing to do! Took some flowers, leaves and lamps(before despatching to the attic) and tried this one!

Rangoli: Rainy day Rangoli


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thank god for the powercut!suuuuuperb mam!

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so cute butterflies, Too beautiful necklace design and border.very very beautiful.

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wow Jaya superma!!!!!!!!
let it rain again and again.

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Superb and wonderful creation. The flowers used to indicate glowing lamp is a fantastic idea.The leaf butterflies are too cute and pretty. Overall a beautiful necklace to the Lamps. Thank you so much.

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WOW...jaya mam...what an imagination and hats off to ur creativity.....esp d leaves used for butterfly is too good....how is ur garden...have u planted any new flowering plants....

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Wow..superb imagination....lovely use of the leaves as butterflies....I liked the lower border design very much...

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wow fantastic jaya mam,all flowers, leaves , lamps r all used in a v. v. v. v. sssssuuuuuuuupppppppppeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbbbbb way

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Wonderful idea, should be appreciated.

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Really wonderful butterfly Jeya mam, and the design using "omavalli" leaves is so cute with the final rangoli touch. totally its a true beauty!

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Jaya maam I always get inspired by you and rajamma maam, both of u never sit idle (like me). even the slightest opportunity u get, u give us wonders like this one. Wonderful. The butterfly pattern is also real leaves eh maam, excellent work maam.

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Very nice creative work... Hats off you...

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Exceelllllent creation with what is available, both u sisters are famous for it and very creative too. I am just admiring the way u have arranged the butterflies.what are those button like structures on the body of the butterfly.

I also enjoyed Viji's comment.Ethai rasipathu,ethai comment saivathu,theria villai.Overall beautiful presentation

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Exceelllllent creation...new parlour opennnnnn......a competitor for rajammaji...pl let me know the rates ...we will decided which one to go.

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innovative creation......

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Beautiful and divine Jayaji. Green butterfiles are soooo beautiful. Lilac embossed leaves adds beauty to the creation.

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wonderful jayaji....soooo good, very nice usage of flowers &leaves....green butterflies add to the beauty

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Excellent! You have been blessed with creative genes.

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Wow ! what a creation, The butterflies highlights the whole rangoli, and the flowers in the lamp shining brightly Smile
Very beautiful mam'

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Nice creative work Jaya mam.


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Wow Jaya mam. Seeing the thumbnail, i thought it is a decoration of Amman face or kalasam. After reaching this page, i am admiring at each and every part (floral as well as kolam) of this kolam. Butterflies, small white flowers drawn with buds (i think) and lamps, everything is so pretty. Give us some feast like this every now and then to us. (thanks for your boring time).

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WoW! Excellent. I'm excited to see green butterflies adoring the necklace rangoli. The pendant done in podi adds its presence in beautifying the kolam. Lovely collection of deepams.

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Brindha, I wamted to try your pavazhamallis but could not succeed. So ended up in a bud drawn flower!

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Wow! What a great creation of rangoli with flower, leaves and diyas. Superb!

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So Jaya, if you want you can do it!! I would love to see something like this more often and please don't wait for it to rain or have a powercut to give us such stunners!!! Each and every part of this beautiful creation calls for separate attention. I love the density created by the Omavalli leaves they look wonderful. The earbud designing is too cute. The butterflies amazing, the..... the..... the..... the..... OMG I am running out of descriptions Jaya - please don't do this to me. In one word A S T O U N D I N G Biggrin

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Very nice and creative! I like the butterflies!! I hope it rains often so we can see more of this!!

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Jaya., I missed this beauty... let me comment atleast now. Whenever I visit your place I used to think why Jaya is not making use of the leaves and flowers in her garden to decorate her 'rare' rangolis. And the black granite
floor is so tempting to draw .You have done a wonderful creative 'Masala' design. The butterflies with 2black eyes are very cute.. Hope you will try more such work in the future also.

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super o super manni