Radha -krishna

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About Radha -krishna:

I have used the rangoli colour powder for my rangloli .My ranglili is done outside my flatat coridor it is of 3x2 .5 sq feet .Every year i make rangli.It gives me tremendous pleasure .It is my hobby .This time i have decided to submit my rangoli for contest 2010 in your web Kolam.com.I will take this opportunity to appreciate your web which is very interesting .Also appreciate by keeping contest you encourage the small artists like me .Hope my rangoli will reach the top position .

diwali rangoli contest - 2010
Rangoli: Radha -krishna


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WoW, Beautiful. I'm mesmerised, and finding too hard for words.. All the best.

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Awesome radhaji and krishnaji...hehe..all d best...

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Very nice...

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nice mam good work......

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Thank you vincee,ammu,rekha and marees for your good comments .Vinci your words are too encouraging .I had a hesitation to send this rangoli for contest as i have not prepared this for contest .But after your comment i have gained confidance to make more rangolis in comming years.

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Wow! Dr. Shetty too good. This is really a beautiful image of Radha and Krishna, and the colours used are amazing. Love the ornaments of Radha done in gold/silver. All the very best to you.

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Excellent work Mam. All the best.

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Beautiful free hand kolam.

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A hand engaged in treating the suffering patients, finding pleasure and relief in making rangolis is a heart warming news, Rekha madam.!. We all love your Krisha-Radha jodi very much. Drawing free hand picture like this is not an easy joke. You have done a wonderful job. Keep posting your works whenever time permits.

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Your comments motivated my sleeping talent ,as advised by you i will start painting once again and will try to send (upload) my old paintings and craft work at my earliest .Also likes to thanks Ms.Shah ,MS.Kameswari and Ms.Padma-Prkash for spending their valuable time in seeing and appreciating my rangoli.Now definitely i will try to improve my rangoli skill with your blessings

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Excellent work....All the best

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Cute radhakrishna...looks very beautiful...

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Do share your works in ikolam Rekha. We are here to encourage your talents and the best platform to showcase your creations.
All the best.

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very nice

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Hello Mam. Very Nice colourful rangoli. The people in the dedicated fields like you spending time for Rangoli is unimaginable. Hats off U. Exp ur other uploads also. I like the Radha very much. Very expressive. Thank u.

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This is a painting, no doubt. The profile view of rAdhA is pleasing, particularly her sari and its border. kRshNA's looks are puzzling Smile Why do you make kRshnA so blue, he looks as if only venous blood is flowing in his body? The trees could have been a bit more colourful. Overall, very good work. This year, I decided not to grade anyone. My dear friend, your enthusiasm and participation makes you already a winner in my opinion.

Regards! - mOhana

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rAjammA ma'am, your comment about the "hand engaged in treating the suffering patients" made me write this. There is a very good book entitled "The Healing Knife" by George Sava. It must be available in libraries or second-hand bookshops. I read it while in India long ago. Please read it, may the doctor might help you Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Hello Rao mam,
I am overwhelmed with your comments .You said it is a painting for sure ,that itself proved that my rangoli is worth .But mam this is really a rangoli .If you want I can send you the step by step progress made during my rangoli which is clicked by my daughter in my mobile .About the blue color ,I always imagine krishnaji in this color only ,infact when my daughter came from her tuition class ,from the long distance(from the stair case ) she felt ,as if I have done the Shivji, probably due t the blue colour I have chosen . but with close up view she told that he looks like typical Krishnaji .Thank you for appreciating Radhaji’s sari . trees are made black because from the long distance trees always looks dark.From the sky up bove Radhji and Krishnji's are blessing the world at dawn
.Mam i will be highly obliged if you tell me where I should improve .I will note it down and try to implement in my next rangoli.Once again thank you.
Hi Vinci ,
As suggested ,i wil click the photogrphs of my paintings and crafts in my mobile and upload in ikolam .This is a wonderful platform for small artist like me .I am not going to miss the chance .

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Hi Lataji,
can i take previlage to share my bad experience with you .Yesterday I was very motivated with the comment of Rajamma.As some guest(My brother in –Law’s family) expected at my place .I left little early from my work and found my rangoli was safe as I stay in the last floor of the building and very enthusiastic to show my rangoli to my nephew who came from USA for a brief period of time .But for my shock somebody had removed or in other words, cleaned my rangoli and kept the load of powder near my door. And I realized only when my brother in law’s wife told me that there is no colours only she could see the outline of drawing. Probably done by my new neighbor (whom I have not seen properly) as I had occupied little space of their corridor (If we divide the corridor into half as we got two flat in a floor).
Normally I don’t remove the rangoli unless it spoils .They have not even bothered to take my permission .Now I am thankful that I have uploaded the rangoli in your web ,at least I can view this rangoli for some more days

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Nice jodi!!!

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Sorry. Makes me sad to read about your experience! I had enjoyed visiting this page over and over again, and was going to comment on it after a day. What happened to this image later on makes me appreciate it even more. You're welcome to upload your step by step pictures if you like, in your spare time. And, you could enjoy this picture anytime as this will get saved up in your gallery.
(Please feel free to call me lata). Smile
And, mohanaji is Mr.Rao. His full name is Mr.J K Mohana Rao. Smile

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Sorry for addressing you as Madam .Awaiting for your advice on how to improve my rangoli and painting skills

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Hi Lata,

I have uploaded the step-wise progress of my rangoli in 9 steps .Hope Mr.Rao will agree that it is a rangoli and not painting if he is not pulling my leg.

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Chao Lata,
i wanted to upload my photo for tagging can you tell me how to do the same

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If you're talking about the profile picture, you could go to your account settings, edit it and add your profile picture.

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ciao Lata,
Thank you

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Great work .........The features of radha and krishna have come out so well that it makes the rangoli a masterpiece. I wish you all the best for the contest............

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very good rangoli... please send steps to prepare...

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Thank you Terence and Teenu for your encouraging comments

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Hi Lata waiting eagerly for your sincere comments on my rangoli.

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very beautifull drawn, looks like a paiting, all the best.

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कान्हाजी और राधाजी, आप भले ही रेखाजी के घर में दो दिन के मेहमान रहें, हमारे दिल में तो हमेशा के लिए बस गए ! Smile
(Krishnaji and Radhaji, you may have been guests in Rekhaji's house for a couple of days, but you've taken a permanent place in our hearts)

I enjoyed Krishna's sharp features every time I visited this page, to be honest, more than the glittery effects on Radha. And, what pretty jhumkas she has! I like the free flowing hair of Krishnaji against the yellow and black background. Best wishes and thank you so much for participating in the contest. Smile

Rangoli contest 2010 results will be announced on November 20th at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time (that will be November 21st 7:30am Indian Standard Time)

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nice work Biggrin

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one of the most unique, outstanding, fabulous, mind blowing, nail biting, master piece i have ever seen on earth. i request every art lover to vote for this wonderful rangoli. giving just 5 stars is really shame for me, i would have given the entire galaxy and constellations present in the universe.

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what a pretty creation rekha!
painting is a grt gift of god, kindly continue ur creations,
waiting 2 c more such wonders,

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it is a very nice piece of art& hope to see even better creations of yours.and really love the details of your work.

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excellent work mam.

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Dr Rekha,

Marvellous. Awesome work done by you.


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Congrats Rekha for participating in the contest with a cute couple. Expecting your step by step upload soon.