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The cow, flamingo, girl and the butterfly were all done last year by Surya and Diya. Since it was all done last year, they couldn't remember whose butterfly this one is. And, they had already lost the quilling tool. I have no clue regarding these things. Smile
Mrs.Jayanthi's quilling lessons reminded me of having seen these little critters somewhere in my kids' rooms, and so thought of sharing it here, before these get lost too. Smile

Rangoli: Quilling


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so cute. i have fallen for the butterfly color.The birdy's blinking eyes super.

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damn pretty..

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The butterfly looks so pretty and I like the smiling cow... all are so cute.

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All of them are very cute and i love the butterfly and the bird very much Smile

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Well done Surya and Diya. I appreciate your interest in crafts as well as in kolams Smile They not only entertain you but also increase your creativity.

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Super work. The butterfly color is extremely beautiful. The flamingo also looks so natural. Well done kids.

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These are so cute. Smile Well done Smile

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The butterflies which r flying in the homepage r extremely beautiful. Good creation.

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the sheep looks like "Shaun" :D.. bfly is cute

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Padmashree, the butterflies that are flying around belong to Rani and Preeti. The pink & blue one is Rani's and the brown/black belongs to Preeti. The white and boring one belongs to ikolam. The idea was to introduce white plain looking, static butterflies in the garden. And they get excited after seeing the colorful ones from our members. And sorry Padma, I've dissected one of your blue butterfly too. Just a matter of time.... Smile

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That's wonderful idea. Sorry i didn't know where to comment for this. Since this is from Admin i thought i would write the comment here. Anyways good creativity.

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wow !!soooooo cute...i ilke all 4....

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Monkey looks sooo cute and naughty

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The bird looks stunned by the cow's comment!!! Cute Butterfly.. Well done kids..

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Wonderful work - each piece is pretty and very creative - the butterful colour is very beautiful - good work girls Smile