quilled kolam

Awesome work! I'm sure someone is going to duplicate this design as a rangoli, one of these days. :)
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wonderful work.Can you please tell me how to do this design.What are the things necessary for making this craft?.
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hai ..lovely design....latha ...its me...u know...
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Saw some of the awesome quilt creations! Glad that you are bringing them into kolams. We are waiting for your treat!
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Suganthi this is really such a pretty piece of art. Lovely thinking and a beautiful design with good colour balance. Such a perfect looking kolam this is. The only drawback I would think is the number symmetry (you have 10 twirls in the second layer, 11 designs i.e., 22 twirls in the next layer and 9 twirls in the outer layer). If you had matched them then this would have been masterpiece. Hope you don't mind me pointing this out to you :)
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jayaji...quill designs r different from quilt designs...i hope u r mentioning quilling....
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Heyyyy Rani.. who will try first this on floor? you or me? Or else lets do onething.. let me know when u gona try this design n upload... same day i will also try n upload.. lets c how far we will be successful in putting this design perfectly.. (Nengathan jaipinganu teriyum.. irundalum chumma oru bitt i pottu vaikalamnu than.. hehe) apuram inoru vishayam.. Naduvarin theerpe iruthiyanadu (Namma Lata vai sonen :))))) To Ms. Suganthi mohan: Wow... Excellent work.. Waiting to see more of ur lovely creations! To Rajamma ji: Quilling reminds of Jayanti.. (sjnt) What hpnd nowadays cant see her at our site? Rajamma ji is jayanti very busy or out of stn?
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sai sari vidhs...ana no potty keety....enakku exam fever vandudum....just jollyaa try pannallam....date neenga sollunga...or else coming sunday upload pannalama....
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Naanum indha kolathai podalaama Vidhya and Rani? enakku ungalin permission vendum:) Superb art work and love to see more from you. Can this same paper be used for making another piece?
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Brinda ji.. If u come, only u n rani will be there.. 2 perum super ah kolam pottu ennai oram katiduvingaa :( (feeling konjam over ah iruko :-s) ok.. done.. what about sunday? Coming sunday you, me n Rani trying this on flr n uploading on the same day.. What say?
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Vidya, one small correctin in your comment . it should be " To Suganthi Mohan: Wow excellent work...... WAIT to see more of OUR creations" ( correct?) As Rani says don't give exam fevers to others, let all copy it in their own style.mmmmm.... Lata potti vekkaradhu poyi,ippo memberse aarambichchitteenga!!( atleast Naduvar post aavadhu koduththeengale , santhosham. Jayanthy madam busy after the school reopening, indha quilling parthu enna panni asaththa poraangalo theriyale rajamma
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ahaaa.. rajammaji asathiteenga. enaku kannellam kalanguthu.. hehe.. Lata is only our judge.. no one can replace her.. Convey my regards to jayanthi.. ungaloda ponnana vakkugalai (your votes) enudaiya kolathuku pottu perumpanmai vakku vidyasathula ennai jayikka vainga.. hehe.. Rani epuuudiiiii? (Azhagiri madiri na rajamma ji vetuku poi velli kudam, paise lam kodupen :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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eppadi vidhs eppadi ippadi ellam nerle pesura madirye...irukku....ammuvum naanum sirichu sirichu...vayire vedichidum pola irukku....pesaame onnu pannunga....arasiyalukkuu try pannunga,...nichayam jeyippeenga........
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This is very interesting, we will do it :)))) Anybody else joining us???
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Pottiyellam illai, chumma oru funthaan.
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While the quilling looks nice (I don't know much about these things and that is why I don't comment on these), if you're reproducing this a rangOli, please make it more symmetric. This pattern has ten, eleven and nine repeating motifs starting from inside. None of these has any common divisor and so the overall symmetry is very much reduced. Regards! - mOhana
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Suganthi maam well done job by you... see how u hv motivated everyone... frankly I would also love to attempt this but I hv a problem, I am so bad at symmetry, I am not smart enough to understand how this symmetry thing is done and hence I am scared to attempt it...
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pushpa... no probs...as if we r all wellversed in symmetry....just try pannunga.....kasa panama...oru jollykkaaga thaane....enna 4 pernu (iduvaraikkumnu) vachikkalaama.....
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In reply to by ammuchandhini

Actually Rajam, I did start the topic of "someone" trying this pattern (please see the very bottom of this page). Vidhya baashaile "bittu pottu parkradhu". :0 This is more like how we all tried the blue bell rangolis, where we instantly get attracted to someone's design and start talking aloud about wanting to try it. In this case, it took an interesting turn. Vidhya and Rani like to tease each other a lot, and so our Vids sort of wanted to play this game with Rani. :) But, I don't think she knew how many of other active members also like to join. And Brindha has always been one of the first ones to join in. And so are you and Mohanaji too. :) I might buy Diya a new quilling set so she could try this design in quilling, since she enjoys quilling. It is so much fun to do things with our members. They always make life much more interesting.
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Thank you all , I did not think of symmetry but will next time. Quilling paper is wonderful to work with colourful and all that. But when I did this kolam I did not have quilling paper . I have hand cut chart paper and used my tapestry needle for quilling , Now I have quilling paper and quilling tool , but still I use lot of other paper too to quill. I have my own blog where I share my work. I have not done a kolam for a long time. But now I will and will also post too.
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ipothan inda design i nan copy panni mudichen.. now gona try.. Yes Namma International Thala Latha than inda topic i start pannathu. Credit goes to our honourable judge. But it really took an interesting turn when brindaji n judy wnted to try this. (Set sendiruchullaaaa...) Push I use to buy symmetry from the nearby departmental store yaa :D.. Ada chumma vandu try panungapa.. appo anda veggie arrangements lam husband kodutha idea va push :)))))))))))) Mohanaji great observation.. Always you prove that you think in a diff way. Yea while i copying, i counted the flowers n curls.. then noted the diff in numbers. Thank you for your guidance. We will take care of this while reproduce this. Suganthi : Thank you for providing such cute design and it really gave enthu to us to try it.
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breathtaking design and a novel idea. love it
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