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madurai - india

a pulli kolam specially made for Rani mam,as she wanted me to try it, and i dedicate this to u mam !.This kolam is a copycat version from flickr tags.


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mam very nice kolam!

mam very nice kolam! Smile

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Back with a B A N G!!

Back with a B A N G!! WOOOOOWWWWWW - what to say about this stunning beauty Deepa - you have left me speechless... I LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVE those lotus flowers - sigh when will I ever learn to draw such beauties...

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Lovely presentation to Rani,

Lovely presentation to Rani, Deepa. Always your strokes are very neat and elegant and that adds the beauty to your lotus to which i am a fan. The colour combination is very nice.

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Your grand chikku kolam is a

Your grand chikku kolam is a feast for us! The border with the alternating dark and light pink colouring looks great, Deepa.... Smile Thank you for treating us with this pink beauty!!

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thanq deepa. n u call me

thanq deepa. n u call me suguna (no mam).....suguna murugesan

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Well done Deepa....your

Well done Deepa....your kolam looks awesome and the coloring is extraordinary with your cute pink...very pretty lotuses which mesmerises always....

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Thank u so much lakshmi mam

Thank u so much lakshmi mam and Jaya mam.....Suguna mam it in the name of bharathideepa...thanks for ur interest im my kolams....

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hai deepa what is ur id in

hai deepa what is ur id in gallery?-suguna murugesan

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Wow, Deepa! I like your

Wow, Deepa! I like your dedication and perfection in everything!

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simply superb Deepa......i

simply superb Deepa......i also tried the same design in white kolam powder.link is http://www.ikolam.com/node/11412?p=1116...ur colour rangoli has come out very nice...

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thank u so much

thank u so much everyone.....specially Padma mam,rekha mam,uma mam vasanthi and dhivya mam...also thanx to my new friends of ikolam......thank u so much !

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awesome kolam so lovely

awesome kolam so lovely

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sssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuupppppeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbb deepa, misd ur wk for a long time, pink crimson and green combo looks like a rose garland, fantastic deepa, ur favrt lotus design adds an xtra applause

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very very nice execution

very very nice execution deepa superb

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simply superb Deepa Mam.

simply superb Deepa Mam. Real neat strokes and the colouring is very neat and pleasing.

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Awesome Deepa.... After a

Awesome Deepa.... After a long back you have presented a tremendous one with your favourite pink and green colours and as usual the lotus. The dotted border looks very pretty.

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wo....w! awesome!

wo....w! awesome!

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Hi Deepa, Very very

Hi Deepa,

Very very beautiful.

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Thank u so much Suguna

Thank u so much Suguna mam....Rani mam hope i fulfilled ur first promise....i will continue to make more of sikku kolams.....thank u very much Rajamma mam i was not quite confident in making sikku kolams of larger size...thought i would get all ur views first and try next time...surely will treat u more with these kind of kolams...Thanks Maha mam,dibbutn mam, and alamelu mam.......thanks for ur lovely comments.

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nice kolam as usual the

nice kolam as usual the lotus is very nice.

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Wow Deepa this is so

Wow Deepa this is so awesome...i never knew u cud do such wonderful chikku kolams as well... this is so fancifully done with ur lovely green and pink combo.... wonderful crisp strokes and as usual love ur lotus design... its been very long since we got a kolam from u.

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Hi Deepa, Welcome back. THis

Hi Deepa, Welcome back. THis chikku kolam looks very awesome. As usual your lotus design steals the show.


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Fantastic. Neatly drawn

Fantastic. Neatly drawn chikku kolam. Simple chikku kolams connected so nicely giving an appearance of a Padikolam. The outer pink/ majentha border the lotus decorations are super. Deepa, why u did not participate in the Margazhi contest? Hope you will treat us often like this.

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I am remembering my first

I am remembering my first entry at this lovely place with this same(inner design) kolam...haha

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Aah deepa....stunning beauty

Aah deepa....stunning beauty this is....thanks a lot dear...we missed ur participation at d margazhi contest...with such neat and elegant strokes why don't u try more sikku kolams...promise me now ...this very moment...u r going to give more beautiful kolams like this,....

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awesome deepa!-suguna

awesome deepa!-suguna murugesan