pulli kolam

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About pulli kolam:

this kolam is drawn in front of my house for margahi.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: pulli kolam


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Well, you and me are two like minded people! First, we have our daughters sing in Thiruvayyaru during margazhi, and now, you and me seem to be more interested in making dotted kolams. I have made this design last week, and named it "bottle" dotted kolam. Do you see the four bottles? I want to make this again in rice paste for a change. Thanks for the inspiration! Smile

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After Holi eyes are longing for plain white dotted kolams, I suppose. Yes this bottle kolam is cute.

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Good attempt Usha Smile There is a small mistake at the bottom of your kolam - now let me see what variation I can bring to this kolam too..

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Yes, nice bottle kolam Ushaji. I will also learn to make chikku kolams now. All are tempting me.

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Usha kutty kolam looks very cute...yes brindha me too......

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Usha maam a very nice chikku kolam

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usha maam really nice chiku kolam