Pookolam Competition @ our office

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About Pookolam Competition @ our office : PRINT

I was part of the Pookolam Competition and won first prize in conceptional Category.

Rangoli: Pookolam Competition @ our office


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I haven't seen anything like this before. Amazing work and a good way to get the message across.
I recently watched the following link about the same practice that is going on in India.

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Very nicely done pookkalam! No wonder it won 1st prize for the concept.

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First of all your theme is very good & need also to make a proper awareness!!! Hats off you, btw your kolam & execution all are very neatly executed. The way you captured your theme & expressed is very nice. Thank u.

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lovely pookolam for a lovely theme...congrats on ur winning d prize...sure u deserve it....

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Well done,anu.The way u expressed the message is wonderful.

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Wonderful creation with excellent message in it.No wonder your pookolam won first prize.

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congrats anu mam. very good concept $ Wonderful creation

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My name is Anup Smile I am mistaken as Anu Sad

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Concept well perceived through your floral display.. Well done...

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very good concept and the colour of the flowers you have chosen for the drawing matches very well with the drawing. no wonder you got the first prize for the concept thorough this pookolam:)

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Wonderful creation with excellent message.......

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the concept of saving flower like girl child is well brought out in ur pookolam, Congrats for the thought and winning the prize.

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A very nice concept and beautifully executed... lata the site u mentioned was disturbing to me to see such cute babies being abandoned but I sort of assured myself better alive in a cradle than dead in a dustbin

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Malar and Veni, this was made by Mr.Anup. Smile

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Wow! Very very nice. The concept is self explanatory. Nice thought.

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Wow! Very very nice. The concept is self explanatory. Nice thought.

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Absolutely stunning creation Anup. For a girl - life can be a bed of flowers, only in the womb. Nothing else to say as I am tongue-tied Smile

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Anoop, what a concept you have choosen. I am very proud that you have such a concern about the girls (reducing population). and you have presented in agood platform. It reminds me the quote " Life is not bed of flowers, once we come out of mom's womb" . Hats offf !!!!!!!

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Really good concept and execution. Keep up the good work.

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Well I do respect girl and they deserve to live like us and prove their strengths and guide as mother, guru, sister..to every one else.... Hope our attempt is heard by many and specially to the ones who kill girl before her birth. And we are celebrating goddess of learning, wealth and power...Navratri and Dussera who are none other than forms of Ultimate shakti of Universe... Smile

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Great work! A civilization is judged by the place occupied by the woman in the society and the respect she is given. The whole "mankind" perhaps falls short of this bar. Personally, I longed to have a daughter, but ended up with two excellent sons.

Regards! - mOhana