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The after effect of Chennai meet :). My first presentation of flower arrangement to Ikolam.

Rangoli: Pookolam


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Brindha kalakkray pa... small cute (terracotta??) urli and nice arrangement...

but like JKM suggested to me try and find a round placemat for this it will make the arrangement look even better (you know JKM I am yet to find a nice round rug for my urli & it is lying without an arrangement for the last two weeks)

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Nice presentation, and nice antique mini-uruli and crochet piece! Smile
This also reminds me of what I did a couple of years ago. I had a get-together at my place, and had a similar arrangement done on a water-bowl, with a double colored hibiscus at the center. The hibiscus kept flopping over because of its long pistil (and stamen structure). I took a scissor and cut off the central structure and was able to get a good balance. I know, it was cruel of me, but I got the effect that I wanted! Smile

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Nice arrangements brinda.
This student is waiting for the crochet lesson

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Brinda , oh ICMM effect nalla iruku...

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Simple arrangement on an antique looking urli!
Brindha, in the place of crochet, you can even try one of Lakshmi's kolams!

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Thanks for many comments dear friends.
Viji ma'm you are welcome.
Jaya ma'm, I will try your suggestion when I get time (after my return).
Thanks lata, Judy.

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Lakshmi, what is ICMM effect? I am willing to learn.

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ikolam chennai members meet.... brindha....!!!!!hehehehehe

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Brindha, so neermel pookolam poda poyittengala?
terracota uruli is cute. Idhu judy adikkadi use pannum white/red poo thaane?

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correct Rajamma - enga Chennaiyil andha poovai rubber samandhinu solranga (white or cream in colour) which is actually chrysanthemum.. one of my favourites for flower decoration because it lasts for many days..

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The yellow flower is a hybrid of chrysanthamum and Zinea. Indha terracota uruli, roadsidele vaanginadhu.

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Oh seri seri..