pooja room kolam

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This is the first kolam drawn by my daughter -in-law.we will be happy it display soon and comment on it.

Rangoli: pooja room kolam


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a special thanks for quick display .I very much pleased and got more excited.

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Subashini the podikolam Kannan Paadham are very nice. Just now I collected some of those yellow color flowers to put in my uruli.

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Subashini,your daughter-in-law's kolam is very nice , krishnar padam and baby krishna is also very cute.

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very nice decoration.Looks very divine.Thanks for sharing.
Tell her our wish also

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Thank you Rajamma madam.Thank you Asha.Thank you viji.pleasure is mine viji.

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one more thing i want to tell.This photo was taken by my second son Karthik.and it was transferred to computer by my first son Ashok(aparna's husband)

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Very nice subashini ma'am ... the padhams have come out really nice.

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Aparna beautiful kolam and paadams come out very nice.thanks for sharing..

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Oh! A families team effort? Nice!

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Thank you pushpa.

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Looks very divine. A good teamwork.

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krishnar phadam s very cute. i luv it

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Lovely little krishna rangoli, I didn't notice it earlier. The kaavi is the darkest I've seen. Are you sure it is not coffee powder? (just kidding) Smile
Thank you Mr.Karthik and Mr.Ashok for your help in helping Aparna upload her artwork. Smile

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Aparna you need a pat on your back for this lovely maiden attempt... Is that a stencil of Krishna's feet on the right side (they are done really well)? I like the way you have outlined it with kavi.

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Thank you rajusree and indhu.

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Thank you Latha and Jude.krishna, padhams and there is also a thulasi madam, all are ever-silver plate stencil designs.I bought the kavi from salem.It looks nice and easy to use.we can use the kavi as in the powder form.

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Very nice mam, where youare getting the stencil desings, please suggest me, i want to get some one.

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Nithya , you can buy near by all temple,Tespecially near Mylapoor kabali kovil road side shops.There are hundreds of stencil plates available there.

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Oh, Thank you mam, but iam in Coimbatore, may not be possible to get that, let me try when i come to chennai, but probably, i come with tight schedules. But thank you so much for the information.

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நித்தியா மருதமலை அல்லது போரூர் கோவில் அருகே யுள்ள கடைகளில் கேட்டுபார்க்கவும்.அல்லது ஏதேனும் பாத்திர கடைகளில் கிடைத்தாலும் கிடைக்கலாம். முயற்சித்து பார்க்கவும் .

You could try to get them from stores located around Marudhamalai or Porur temple. Or you could try to get them from steel-utensils shops.

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Thank you mam, i will try , thanks for the suggestion. என் mind-la தோனவே ella
(I didn't think of that).