Pooja mandap

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i draw this kolams with paint..it is pooja mandap in my home.

Rangoli: Pooja mandap


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Your poojamantao( looks like olden days cradle) and the kolam s look great.

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the pooja mandap is very nice with colourful kolam and nice side borders.

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Good decorations! I too was reminded of our son's cradle. Now where are the deities?

Regards! - mOhana

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Preety Pooja mandap and neatly drawn kolams

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pooja mandap is very beautiful ///-Indira

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nice pooja pedestal with rangolis, looks great

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very pretty pooja madap.

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Very neatly done - can we get a closer look at the mustard kolam please Smile

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Very very nice pooja Mantapa. But a closer view was needed. Than you

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hi everyone...thank you ..i already uploaded middle kolam its 13-1 striaght line dots. it was in my gallary..
http://ikolam.com/node/757?p=753 link for the middle one...both side kolams are not uploaded yet.

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Very well done. and it looks so divine.