Poo Kolam

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This cocks comb and rubber samandhi (as they call it here in Chennai) arrangement decorated my entrance last week.... these yellow flowers have recently flooded Chennai market... anyone know the botanical name for this one??? i am curious...

Rangoli: Poo Kolam


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Looks like the white chrysanthemum, just wondering?

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I am sure Judy, you are tempting Lata with your blue plate ( with nice flowers) to come to India, to grab that from you.

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They are not white in colour Lata - they are a mixture of very pale yellow & cream.. but like you said they look like crysanthemums to me too but I am not sure of that...

and hehe Rajamma, yes I am trying to tempt Lata to come to India....

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This flower is botanically called Chrysanthemum morifolium

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Judy nice one...

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Cute Little Flowers, Judy Ma'am...... cudnt take my eyes off it..... thanks for sharing them......

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Thank you Sumathi, Lakshmi and Purni