Poo Kolam

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A Poo Kolam done by me and friends as part of Fun at Work activites in Office. Hope you all like it.


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Hi All. Thanks a lot for

Hi All.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful comments. Your encouragement keeps me going.

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Amazingly beautiful poo

Amazingly beautiful poo kalam.


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Awesome flower kolam.

Awesome flower kolam.

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very nice, the usage of

very nice, the usage of purple round flowers for border looks too good

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beautiful poo kolam.

beautiful poo kolam.

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cute and lovely poo kolam.

cute and lovely poo kolam.

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One of the finest flower

One of the finest flower patterns I ever viewed. Good choice, arrangement and symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

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looks so rich

looks so rich

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Super pookolam.Striking

Super pookolam.Striking yellow flowers look nice.

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Lovely pookolam..-Indira

Lovely pookolam..-Indira Sundar

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Wow!!! Such a beautiful

Wow!!! Such a beautiful pookolam. Lovely arrangement..

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wow very beautiful

very beautiful arrangements of flowers.

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Lovely flower

Lovely flower arrangement..looks gorgeous.....

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Very nice arrangement.

Very nice arrangement.

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bright&beautiful kolam

bright&beautiful kolam

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very beautiful....flowers

very beautiful....flowers are arranged so neatly and densely.....

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lovely pookalam. Excellent

lovely pookalam. Excellent color combination

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wow what a pretty flower

wow what a pretty flower rangoli.Since morning i am writing editorial of our medical journal(La Medicine En France) and really tired but your rangoli made me refresh .Thank you

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Lovely arrangement,petals

Lovely arrangement,petals filled perfectly to give the shape

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This dense pookolam looks

This dense pookolam looks very rich. Excellent colours combined well and the vadamalli looks like a bunch of grapes Smile

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lovely poo kolam....!!!!!

lovely poo kolam....!!!!!

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Splendid, this is so

Splendid, this is so gorgeous with so many wonderful colors

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Beautiful pookolam.

Beautiful pookolam.

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Lovely arrangement of

Lovely arrangement of flowers...d col contrast is too appealing...