Poo kolam

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This is interlaced dot kolam. The dot count for this kolam is 21-11.How is my flower .

Rangoli: Poo kolam


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Looks very very beautiful.

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Meena, your kolam, coloring and the double ezhai lines are very beautiful.

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wow, what a colourful treat for our eyes.

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Such a neat, colorful and pleasing kolam this is!

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beautiful colouring and strokes..neat and sweet...

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very colorful garden. excellent.

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ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் இல்லாத அழகு .

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Your flowers have captured our hearts!

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So ooo pretty

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meenAjI, pretty work. Nice colouring and good symmetry. The leaves for the outer part could have been done differently, say coming from outside to inside. At the moment it looks like an appendix robbing the lotus of its place.

Regards! - mOhana

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Such an attractive flower bouquet you have given us Meena - neat work and lovely colouring Smile

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Its too good

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very colourful kolam inner design is very nice


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very nice mam Wink