Poo kolam

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About Poo kolam:

flower rangoli
decorate with lilly flower green leaves, kuthuvilaku and pink and white flowers

Rangoli: Poo kolam


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Latha! Smile

The flower rangoli looks beautiful. I like the green outline and also the arrangement of the different colors in the petals. There is also something different about this picture that makes me a bit more curious. Maybe you could tell us more about your method/sequence in decorating this wonderful design. Smile

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hai welcome....thanks for such a unique arrangement of flowers.....

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Very lovely arrangement of flowers.. for what occassion you have done this?

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nice flower arrangements

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good arrangement, i like the way you have used the flower buds too...the sequencing the buds, looks different...not sure whether it was done with any other purposefully

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The inner design is my favourite. the outer petals filled with buds in different orders. why ? On the whole it looks very pretty.

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Unique pretty pookolam Latha. Spells neatness from top to bottom. Only one small thing hampering the overall beauty is the arrangement of the buds on the outside. Had you maintained some symmetry with the colours used it would have been absolutely stunning. Maybe you did not notice while making it, but I am sure you will the next time you make one. On the whole a wonderful creation Smile

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Awesome... Lovely Pookolam with pretty flowers. Could see the kerala style kuthu vilakku...

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Beautiful flower arrangement done with great care. The buds of Arali is arranged so neatly. Hats off to you patience Smile Yes, as Judy said, symmetry would have been increased the beauty.

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Latha maam nice pookolam

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thanks fiends

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Beautiful flowers, nicely arranged and good dark borders.

Regards! - mOhana

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nice work. the buds add stil more beauty