Pongal special

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Free hand rangoli drawn on pongal. Please let me know your Comments.


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everything done in interest

everything done in interest and care , bubbling pongal, glowing stove, canes etc etc all looks with full of life

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Nice pongal design. The

Nice pongal design. The overflowing pot is very beautiful. Gives a festive look.

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Very pretty pongal kolam

Very pretty pongal kolam with all aspects depicted very nicely and neatly...well done.

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excelent colours and

excelent colours and strokes....keep itup

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Nice pongal kolam ... The

Nice pongal kolam ... The aduppu(stove), pongal pot, sun. kalasam ther , vilakku all are too good and coloured very nicely....

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Lovely pongal kolam.

Lovely pongal kolam.

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A very attractive pongal

A very attractive pongal kolam done with the right proportion of everything - the rice overflowing from the pot looks so natural and the cute Radham sitting quietly at the top corner is also attractive...

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all the pongal arrangements

all the pongal arrangements makes me to feel to invite the festival again. ther kolam is nice,

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Wow...beautiful pongal kolam

Wow...beautiful pongal kolam with an even more beautiful ther(chariot) by d side....very neatly coloured...

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Nice colourful rangoli; your

Nice colourful rangoli; your kuttti ther looks so neat and cute too.

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wow festival mood has come

wow festival mood has come lovely each n everthing is super!!!!- suguna murugesan

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WoW!! The overflowing Pot

WoW!! The overflowing Pot and the arrangement invites me to join the celebrations. I like all the elements drawn to give a festive feel. The colors used, the spreading, outlines are appealing.. Good work. Expecting the kolam seen on left.