Pongal Rangoli

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Straignt dots - 19 - 1

This is a very simple pongal paanai kolam which I drew on Pongal this year - I did not have a good choice of colours (Brindha and Preethi I really envy you guys) and had to make do with whatever was there, so though the kolam came out quite well, the colouring was not at all satisfactory. I am planning to go on a hunting spree to look for the colours owned by the envied two ikolam members mentioned above and hope to present some wonderful coloured rangoli soon Smile

Rangoli: Pongal Rangoli


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2 bad i cannot view your kolam any way nice

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Quite nice and symmetrical. I like the colour of the sugarcanes!

Regards! - mOhana

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Judy, nice decorated pongal pots!!(for 2011??)he he..beautiful dancing sugarcanes!!!

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Judy, your decorative pongal(Or Laddoo) paanais , dancing sugarcanes with a mild sun are looking very nice in this subdued colors also.Backgroend is black..where did you put this rangoli?

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Rajammaji, hmm i think she drawn on the p c monitor!!!hehe

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hey judy!! the smell of ur pongal made sugarcane to dance!!!!hehe

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your brownish paanai looks like manpaanai.The color of sugarcane is good.

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heyy Judy i could make out from thumbnail itself that it was you masterpiece. very very nice judy .

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Judy, Is this photo shop or MS paint?

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Judy maam... a neatly drawn kolam in a lovely black background .. even though you have used simple and minimal colors, the kolam looks wonderful so I guess you need not worry regarding it...

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Judy dear I just wants to know whether this is in original kolapodi kolam or as usual your computer graffic kaivannam????????????

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Judy, no need to envy because your colours are also very nice and Aunty likes (also myself) this kolam very much for its design, symmetry and colour. You can make your own colours by getting dye colours from any crafts shop where they sell dyes for tie and dye patterns. one tsp of colour is enough to make 100gm of colour podi. If you get the dye, i will tell you the preparation.

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jude its very nice i liked the sugarcane very much

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Thanks Lakshmi 2000 - JKM (I too liked the shape of the sugarcanes in this kolam) - Lakshmi (yes they are dancing with joy and hehe no PC) - Rajamma this was drawn in front of my house on tar road in the night hence it looks like black background - Subashini it was by mistake I used kavi for those pots because I did not have enough colours, but after it was completed we realised that it was the best colour since the pots looked like original ones - Sudha thanks a ton - Hey Jaya this time not a virtual kolam it is a real one (I know you are joking though:) -
Pushpa thanks for that reassurance - Viji, promise dear this is a real kolam only - Brindha thanks for the suggestion. I am going to get the colours you said as soon as possible and then ask you for the recipie - Aunty I am honoured to get this comment from you which is the best comment I could ever receive since it is coming from a wonderful person who has trained so many specialists in her family (love you aunty) - Alamelu I too like the shape of this sugarcane very much Smile

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soo beautiful, nice surgarcanes and pots full of laddus, yummy treat, thanks judyji

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Judy ,I wanted to comment only after confirming if it is real or virtual.But Judy the lines are soo very sharp and the left half looks like the mirror image of the other side.Great work yaah,keep it up!!!

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Thanks Anirudh - glad you enjoyed the treat Smile

Sumathi it is quite a bit of a job to run the border lines all over again after the colouring is done because when you put a kolam (a big one) you normally start from the centre towards to the outside, but once the colouring is done the outlines have to be redone to define each shape and drawing the centre part without stepping onto the colouring outside is a circus job - I sometimes get a slight catch in my back when I am done - but the final image is what gives complete satisfaction and worth all the strain I think. Thanks for your lovely comment too Smile

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Wow very nice.

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Thanks BalaChandrasekaran for stopping by at so many of my kolams and caring to post a comment Smile

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I have drawn your kolam in chart on our pongal festival and won the first prize. Thank you. I like your sugar canes the most to choose your kolam.