Pongal Pot

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About Pongal Pot:

I did this along with my mother-in-law for Pongal 2009. She is 65 yrs, she has under went a knee replacement surgery, but she would still want to join me when i do a kolam. I am sure, for south indian women, kolams are very close to heart!

pongal pots
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Rangoli: Pongal Pot


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I've hardly seen fire looking so lovely Naveena. Colorful pots and natural looking blue? sugarcanes. Smile

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Beautiful pongal pots..fire colours have come out very well...hmmm..sugracane dance feast to the eyes!!!keep it up.

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the fire and the sticks looks so realistic and looks nice.good

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Naveena maam this looks so beautiful especially the fire looks absolutely wonderful... the energy and enthusiasm elderly people have at this time, I doubt we would be able to have so much energy left within us... hats to her

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beautiful pongal pots and sugarcane and fire looks to be very realistic.

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Pretty colourful pots (celebrating holi now) and lovely sleek sugarcane dancing in celebration - hats off to your MILs work too Smile

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may god give your mother in law more strength to do more and more such beautiful kolams like this.

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It looks as though two beautiful pongal paanais are getting married. In the place of Vaazhaimaram, two sugarcanes? Nice drawing. I appreciate your MIL's enthu at this age.

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beautifully decorated pots with bright fire to make pongal and nice sugarcanes too...thank you

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very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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very nice pongal kolam with pongal paanay and karimbu.

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The fire really looks like a real one. Good drawing.

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It's very beautiful. I will show it to my pupils!

Love is the answer

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Amazing fire colours and lovely pongal pots! Looks like real fire, realistic!