Pongal paanai

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Hi Friends
Pongapanai drawn by me on Pongal day..the kutti paanai that you see in the picture was drawn by my 6 year old daughter..Hope you enjoy it..!!

Rangoli: Pongal paanai


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good one, nice to see both the teacher and student work side by side Smile

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very beautiful and ur daughter's one is very nice.

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nice pongl decorated pongal pot..hmm today standing (attention pose) sugar canes...2mmorow???

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very cute pongal panai with sweet karumbu like your daughter

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lakshmi why are u behind the postures of sugarcane ? for me it looks like a coconut tree is it not. really very well drawn.

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Sowmya I am glad you are passing on the tradition of kolams to your 6 year old daughter - keep it up Smile

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Your daughter's kutti paanai is reall, cute. I am so happy that you involved her in this art.

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Loved your little daughter's work. Convey my wishes to your junior.
Your Pongal Paanai has come out very well.