pongal kolam

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pongal kolam 2010 in our street, this year all kolam was fair. not good

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: pongal kolam


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the pongal paanai looks very cute with bright colours.

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its very nice mam, why you are deciding yourself that the kolams are not good, this is really good with bright colour and please don't underestimate your own work.

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Maragatham first you must convince yourself that your work is good - only then will you come up with better kolams the next time.. Every creation (though may be fair and out of symmetry or whatever) is good in its own way - mainly the effort is what counts. These days people are satisfied by just putting a stencil design or a sticker kolam. This tradition of putting kolams is slowly dying and we here at ikolam are almost on a warfooting to save this art for the future generation. How many young girls put kolams outside these days?? Be glad you have learnt this art and try to improvise on it as much as you can. Teach atleast one person - your contribution to save this art (sorry if I have spoken too much - just got a bit emotional, thats all) Lovely earthly coloured pots overflowing with pongal Smile

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Nice one

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all sisters, first i said thanks for comments in my street kolam. first time i am upload the pictures(kolam). so i don't know display the title "pongal kolam 2010 in our street, this year all kolam was fair. not good". please forgive me. thanks for compliment. i said all ur comments shared my neighbours (antha antha kolam-thukuriya comments antha pottavangakitta i tell). They are happy her kolam view on net.Once again all sisters forgive my title comments.